Monday, 20 January 2014

Intellectual clothes

You will be surprised to find out that clothes and style are not vital needs, meaning we can live without them. Neither are laughing, culture, friends, alcohol, etc. But since we have decided not to live like apes then we fill our lives with these unnecessary things according to our taste. And taste cannot be disputed they say but we see it can be educated.

If clothes had a social status role in the past in recent fashion it`s rather about creativity, message and comfort. Clothes can still be beautiful but they need to be practical too.

Starting with the 80s with Issey Miyake, Comme de Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and then the Belgian school it is more about who you are and not what you have. In their collections, men and women do not look like machos and sexy women. When you meet people make a thorough selection from the start and attract them with your mind instead of those tight fit jeans that stop me from concentrating or that d├ęcolletage that makes me agree with anything you say.

It is not a flattering scientific cut like with Dior or YSL that can make you look 2 sizes thinner or lascivous. Most of the clothes seem accidents, unseamed as the Roman noble togas, unisex like ancient Greek noble costumes, using new fabrics and cuts but as well sensual decadent folds or plaits. They are comfortable clothes, some continue the line of home cosy clothes and talk to you being ironic manifestos or telling you stories - I am beyond trends, men and women walk on the same catwalk as pavements, I am dressed and I can still move, I am a rebel but with a cause: I want you to stop looking and start thinking about me. I am human and I want to be desired so that`s why I need mistery. Therefore distance. Fabric distance from the body.

The history of these clothes: Roman togas, Japanese kimonos, military costumes, coal miners, working class practical clothes, war privations that lead to creativity, bohemian writers wearing jackets with holes, artists shirts stained with paint. The avantgarde takes the best from the past and adapts them to our times. Unisex baggy silk or wool trousers, draped cotton tshirts, modern black tailcoats and flat unisex shoes. For work or parties. Quality made clever clothes (slow shopping - they last long and suit all occasions).

And even though the big design houses & the magazines go on telling us to be feminine meaning attractive or look virile manipulating our ego, playing with nostalgia or making us dream we are something we are not, reality, comfortable beauty are kind of winning the street. In spite of Karl`s genius and Anna`s marketing skills, the comfortable and flexible clothes are winning. And it was not an accident, neither art. But reason.

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