Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Places to go in Bucharest

There are not so many possibilities. Let s not kid ourselves, this is not Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm. Interesting places are limited here.
If you do not suffer from social insecurity and you are not affected just by trends and hipster culture, here is a mingled list of 7 places you can go when in Bucharest.

1. La Ota, for a good soup on Thursday night, artists environment, some cool people, good music, excellent prices, a whisky is 10 lei. (2,20 euros)
2. Pavilion Unicredit, for contemporary art, if art does it for you.
3. MTR, (Romanian Peasant Museum) in the same area, Piata Victoriei, original concept. The museum’s shop sells authentic old pieces such as rugs, coats, dresses, etc.
4. Rozalb de Mura, an original Romanian designer (Lipscani area).
5. There is not one famous place where you can acquire memorabilia from the communist époque yet on Covaci Street, (Lipscani area) still a Habana vieja ambience combined with new cheap buildings, there are a lot of shops that sell antiques (quite pricey) but you may find two or three shops with kitsch and small objects from communism times.
6. Anthony Frost Library, to buy Mihail Sebastian s Diary in English, one of the best Romanian things you can buy as a present.
7. Uranus Rahova. The neighbourhood is worth seeing it for its picturesque. Based in what is left of Uranus neighbourhood, demolished by Ceausescu to build the House of People, promises to become a hip area of Bucharest. Flowers street sellers, The Ark, Bragadiru Palace (decadent place that used to host cool parties now organizes more corporate events), the old abandoned Beer factory, La Bomba Studios, community centre - active art…


  1. ce misto. incet, incet blogul tau devine un blog pentru expati. :)
    pe baietii de la pavilion unicredit ii stiu. si iti sustin recomandarea.

    nu stiam de ota. multumesc, draga domnule.

  2. Madame:)si pentru noi, expatriatii romani din Romania..
    Mi se pare foarte tare ca nu umblii cu frivolitati si stii doar de Pavilion, dar nu de Ota.

  3. s-avem pardon si sa nu exageram. :)

  4. Mihail Sebastian in engleza? trebuie sa citesc asta

  5. Carmen: Aha, m am linistit..

    Illa: A aparut de ceva ani traducerea. Dar pentru tine ca esti romanca, trebuie sa citesti originalul in care scrie el. Scrie intr o limba romana grozava.

  6. Delicious mingle.
    If you do not suffer from social insecurity, that'a good way of putting it.

    Buna ideea cu Uranus, n-am mai fost de o vreme. De la rockcolectiv:)

  7. Ah, si am uitat, ce e La Bomba Studios mai exact?

  8. @anonim:hey. Uite: