Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cellulite on The Sartorialist

Well, there you have it. Real fashion.

Because she had her photo taken, this beautiful lady probably  got nervous and lost countenance and flexed the leg, such a beginner`s faux pas. What was she thinking?! Never let your emotions get to you. Always take matter in your hands and think. Study yourself seated in front of a mirror. Clean the mirror and turn on the lights. You must never cross your legs naturally but gently place the leg or just keep it in the air. A certain grace is always welcomed…

This reminds me of a scene in Alien, when at the end Sigourney Weaver in a gray cotton tshirt and white underwear stands by the spaceship`s bed and we get a close-up shot on her back and the focus shows us some cellulite and stretch marks. And yes, the film won the 1979 Academy Special Effects Award that year so we do not understand…was she human or alien?

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