Thursday, 29 November 2012

Long Nails -subculture

Medium long natural nails like white clothes always meant status in Europe- old money people who did not have to work.
After the revolutions, when the bourgeoisie and then the working class took over and adjusted the noble mores, the plain laquered short nails or red polish short ones became the prerogative of good taste or chic, to make a difference.

Supermarket cashier

Nowadays, those long nails and bling polished nails are read as Loubotins, funny and not comfortable. Even though they prolong your fingers making your hands look thinner it is read as a sign of pretending. The chit chat would be, frustrated working class women, demonstrative inmigrants and the kind, look at me, I might be a concierge but I do not have to do the dishes. What it is true is that if they want to show off status they should wear simple cut nails so that we see they take care of their urban villa gardens.

Bling bling

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