Monday, 20 January 2014

Do not waste outfits

In the old days people used to dress according to their occupation. Nowadays it is more difficult as it is no longer just that. Taste gives us away.

Some outfits work everywhere, a good shabby leather jacket and a long silk black jumpsuit fit any context, whether a wedding or just going to have a coffee in town.

Still, there are some occasions where you should not waist statement clothes as people are going to missunderstand them.
You cannot go to a let`s say village in Romania and buy bread wearing a Mondrian sweatshirt as people are going to think you are a good patriot because you are wearing the nation`s flag colours.

Or think a diplomat party context where you go in black avantgarde Comme De Garcons. You will be asked if you are a rock band fan.

Do not wear stripes when you go to a party held by a museum or art gallery where cool people hang around. Other people will bet on the same so you will be predictable.

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