Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Les Galoches / Best men`s winter shoes

Galoshes cannot be more functional and stylish than this.
Dress your shoes for snow, rain or just cover them up to protect them against dust and time wear. Or just make a change, and mix brown and black.

Galoshes from French galoches or dickersons,  overshoes or swims now are rubber boots that you just slip them off in Moscow airport, put them in a carry plastic bag and way to go to a business meeting in London, if you are Tyler Brule and make everybody roll his eyes (with envy) or just protect your good shoes and get honorably to work by taking the tube. It is the little pleasures, really.

Around 69 pounds from swims, here.

First, at highschool, colleagues used to mock at our grandfathers` chunky galoshes, but nowadays, they come in a noble form. Besides, let them mock at you, at least now you do not ruin your expensive leather shoes every winter. And no more shine polish, just slip the galoshes off and there you go. No more scratches from bicycling either.

Galoshes in this form date back from the 19th century. It is in USA that they rediscover them and wear them in a stylish way as Europeans who had to survive the war loathed them because they reminded them of the poverty they had to endure - in the 40s they replaced leather shoes with wooden galoches-

Some of their ancestors >

or wooden heeled ones

Of course, women who wear high heels in snow or rain are not forgotten

or the flat version for leather women boots, if you still buy leather boots for winter and not the equestrian ones.

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